Our Coffee Gear.

For good coffee it takes inspiration, craftsmanship, right tools and the skill to masterfully use them. 

Victoria Ardruino Black Eagle Maverick

Introducing our Espresso machine, the Maverick, equipped with cutting-edge features designed to elevate your coffee experience to new heights. T3 Genius technology, empowers our Baristas with unparalleled control over every aspect of the brewing process. Developed with meticulous precision, this technology ensures outstanding performance and unrivaled efficiency, marking the next chapter in our legacy of innovation and design.

T3, short for Three Temperatures, embodies our commitment to excellence, offering precise temperature control for optimal brewing conditions. Meanwhile, Genius signifies the evolution of our engine, delivering unprecedented results. But our Maverick is more than just advanced technology—it's intuitive and sustainable, designed with the user in mind.

Experience the difference with PureBrew Technology, a revolutionary three-phase extraction method that unlocks the purest flavors from your coffee beans. By pulsating water pressure at specific frequencies, PureBrew extracts the essence of your coffee according to its freshness, region, and type. Discover new dimensions of espresso flavor or experiment with low-pressure extraction for a unique coffee experience.

Furthermore, our Maverick features Gravimetric technology, offering baristas enhanced consistency and control over each brew. With the ability to read the weight of coffee in the cup directly from the Group display, achieving precise extraction has never been easier. Stop the extraction at your desired weight for unparalleled precision and consistency in every cup. Dedicated to crafting exceptional coffee experiences, one cup at a time.

Mahlkönig EK43.

Evenness of grind. This is what makes this grinder so special.The EK43 is built to produce the smallest spread between size particles between coffee grounds. Thus the best possible extraction is achievable.The grind is one of the most important part of making coffee. Consistency helps you better achieve complexity of flavor and sweetness allowing you also consistency in brewing. 

Our grinder of choice for your Filter Coffees and for your Coffee Beans.

Nuova Simonelli Mythos.

It has 75mm titanium covered steel burrs and an innovative Clima Pro System.
This keeps the temperature of the grinder chamber between 35-45 degrees.This grinder allows us to have a constant dose and a very uniform grind, with very less to zero clumps. Our Grinder of Choice for ensuring your daily Espresso shots.